Oil painting, 50 x 60 cm / Prices: € 450,00 each


Bestellen / prijsopgave


Kidro was born in a very far an small town, Takengon, Tanah Gayo, Aceh (Northern part of Sumatera island, Indonesia), on an unknown day in June 1935. He attended lower school in Takengon, but gave up the chance on a favour of becoming a jack of all trades and a master of none.

At the age of sixteen he moved to Medan (North Sumatera provence, Indonesia) in order to find a better future, and joint the ranks of becak driver (trishaw) at the age of nineteen. He takes all the bitterness as a sweet journey and a great lesson of life.

In 1959, Kidro as a self-taught artist and under the influence of a well-known Medan artist, Sekar Gunung, with whom he became befriended, started to become interested in painting and the world of art.

The year 1961 brought his first exhibition in the former Hotel de Boer in Medan. The commercial success of this exhibition left a lot to wish for and it wasn’t until 1971, before Kidro’s talents were recognized by some collectors and buyers. He has a long list of exhibitions, but the succesfull and memorable ones are such as solo exhibition exhibition at the prestigious Balai Budaya Gallery Jakarta in 1979 and solo exhibition at Mon Décor Gallery, Jakarta, 1996.

He also received an award for the best painting, from BNI’46 in 1991, in a joint exhibition in a gallery in Jakarta.

One of his paintings can be seen in Le Louvres Museum in Paris, while an other painting has been exhibited in Sotheby’s Singapore, October 2001.